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Saturday, December 25, 2004

What the fuck ever happened to Mickey Rourke

In addition to my post today about how E! needed new employees I also stumpled accross the insane plastic surgery that Mickey Rourke has gotten.

Check out the pics and tell me thats not insane.



This facelift could scare even Marilyn Manson... I mean dayum!

101 reasons why E! needs to hire new people

Have you ever watched any of these programs produced by E! called 101 worst makeovers, 101 worst movies of all time etc. I mean sure its fun to watch but some of these so called "experts" are driving me the fuck nutz when sitting there commenting.

Like today there was 101 most radical makeovers or something like that and this fat guy and I mean seriously fat fuck sitting there giving shit about any one with 2 pounds to much? WTF! Is up with that. That guy was at least 300 pounds heavy.... ohh well my ranting goes un, none the less I think its fucked up.

So like I always say remember when you point fingers there is always 3 pointing back at you ;)

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

2004 the year of lip sync's and beheadings

When I look back at 2004 there is a few things that stands out, like the ex gf, the drunken madness, the festivals, the travels and then there is the lip sync' of Ashlee Simpson on SNL and of course Lindsay Lohan... I especially enjoyed the Ashlee Simpson one and her ho-down dance.
Not only did she do it multiple times on SNL she even did it on the American Music Awards show again. Here is the pic to proof it.

OMG - Seeing that pic and thinking of her fuck up on SNL still makes me burst out in laughs.

I also remember that around the summer the beheading craze went all berzerk. It felt like there was a new beheading every week. Well if not a new then at least a kidnapping. I'm glad to see that has stopped now. But none the less you should check out the videos below of the beheadings. They are super graphic and would want to make any sane man kill a terrorist.
Nicholas Berg - Durmus Kumdereli - Eugene Armstrong - Jack Hensley - Kim Sun Il

Monday, December 20, 2004

I was just thinking

"I'm Superman... I'm this generations almighty - There isn't a thing I cannot do. "

And as I lay in my bed thinking whether I should invade Galilea or Persia it comes to me. I'm a nothing more but a fucking human drone... a spawn of what was once a good idea an honest idea.
It's sad really how we all try to be so different when we infact are all so a like.

All pushed forward by the same dreams the same hopes, triggered by the same feelings.
And as I'm sitting here thinking I'm 1 out of 6 billion drones. My mind darkens as I realize I'll never be a Da Vinci, a Einstein or a Graham Bell. I'm nothing more but a mere middle man... a suit that hides behind a ph33rless nick on the net where he out battles his enemies in various RTS games. Oh yes he will be remembered, remembered by his peers, his peers he never stood face to face with.

But I'm Superman right? I could be anything I want to be right? My mom said so... even my grandpa... they'd never lie! Never! So what should I be? A musician - Yeah I'm sure I could get a record deal I don't even have to write my own lyrics- I'll just re-master an oldie and put some fast beats and wear some fancy sneakers and put my fake BWM medalion around my neck. Ah yes that will be sweet I'll rock out hard I'll liquir myself up with Sean Combs till I OD and see Biggie.

Nah coming to realize now music might not be my path... What about? Nah I cannot say that out loud or can I... Could I be a super hero, could I be Superman? Wouldn't it be neat, I'd fly around, help people, people looking up to me, seeing my poster in small childrens rooms thinking I'm the greatest. But what about my privacy would I be cut out for the celebrity life? Coming to think of it I don't think so.

Maybe I should just try to be different and accept who I am.
A young restless soul that lay awake for hours in his bed trying to come to terms with his unique path that his life has taken... always thinking that it might not work out even though it always does. Because afterall I am Superman.

Working the graveyard shift is a bitch

Don't get me wrong I love working at nite when its quiet and all people are gone, but then like once a week you have to turn your day around because you have to get up early one day or meet with a gf, a friend, family or something else.

Today is one of those days... I know that the x-mas is getting closer and closer and normally I go to bed at around 3-4 am and wake up at 11 am-12pm but because of the x-mas coming up I can't do that as I have to spend christmas eve with the folks and have x-mas dinners the days after. So right now I'm trying to turn my day around, which means that I've been up for nearly 30 hours straight now and ask me if I'm tired!!! You damn right I am.
I've popped coffein pills like it was candy since 8 am this morning and just the thought of me staying up for another 10 hours before I can go to bed makes me want to jump infront of a bus.

Oh well atleast I can think ahead of how nice it will be to sleep in my king-sized bed in ... 10 hours and 12 minutes.... 10 hours and 11 minutes and 30 seconds....


Saturday, December 18, 2004

Oh the irony

I don't remember if I told y'all that I deleted my ex gf number earlier this month. Something I should have done months and months ago... I should have created a dumpbox haha!

Oh well I got around to it sooner than later which I guess is what matters. Now the fucked up thing is that one of the reasons why it didn't work out with the ex and I was because I'm kinda shy and shit and not always up for meeting new people as I feel im being measured and shit. So I never really got around to meeting all of her girlfriends and friends which she so wanted me too. But then the day after I had deleted the phone number I'm out with my boys on cafe... at around 4 in the morning one of my friends end up with this girl and the rest of us move on to the next bar so he can do his thing with this girl. So we go to some after hours bar that closes at like 8 in the morning. At this club I get eye contact with this super hot girl and we keep looking at each other. Now what I don't know is that she is not looking back at me because she think im hot cute or whatnot but because she recognize me from a picture that my ex had. Turns out this girl is one of my ex gf's closest girlfriends.

She comes over and calls over all of the other friends of hers which turns out are all gf's of my ex and they all fucking know about me lol. We hit it off and talk for an good hour or so before we decide to leave. The irony is that we hit it off and when I left the bar I couldn't help but thinking why didn't I just meet with them when she asked me too back then.

Well I'm a new man now... a changed man or atleast I try to be. I try to look ahead and I'm definately still looking for the next beautiful girl to ruin my heart but each day that goes by I grow more and more accustom to the fact that I'm single and I'm enjoying my freedom more and more.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Today I cut of all my hair

It feels fucking great I guess I still have like 3mm of hair back but its so short that it can airdry when I've showered. This is not my first time as semi bald tho... been bald before but wasnt sure whether I should go ahead and do it again but this morning when I woke up I just said fuck it and cut it of and I'm glad I did. I look sharp if I must say myself ;)