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Tuesday, December 21, 2004

2004 the year of lip sync's and beheadings

When I look back at 2004 there is a few things that stands out, like the ex gf, the drunken madness, the festivals, the travels and then there is the lip sync' of Ashlee Simpson on SNL and of course Lindsay Lohan... I especially enjoyed the Ashlee Simpson one and her ho-down dance.
Not only did she do it multiple times on SNL she even did it on the American Music Awards show again. Here is the pic to proof it.

OMG - Seeing that pic and thinking of her fuck up on SNL still makes me burst out in laughs.

I also remember that around the summer the beheading craze went all berzerk. It felt like there was a new beheading every week. Well if not a new then at least a kidnapping. I'm glad to see that has stopped now. But none the less you should check out the videos below of the beheadings. They are super graphic and would want to make any sane man kill a terrorist.
Nicholas Berg - Durmus Kumdereli - Eugene Armstrong - Jack Hensley - Kim Sun Il


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