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Thursday, January 06, 2005

I'm living like a zombie

When I woke up this morning or should I say noon because it was actually 1230 pm I could barely get out of my bed and I remember I just layed there thinking if I should nap it for another 10,20 or 30 min... I finally said fuck it and jumped out of bed... erh... correction I crawled out of my bed to head for the toilet.
Took out my mini me and aimed for the toilet... when the piss hit the water I was almost about to pass out, you know that tuna smell you sometimes have when you have not had enough water? Well this one was 10 times worse. I couldn't quite place the smell and decided to classify it as bad morning piss and then I flussed out.

About 10 minutes later and with one more open eye my stomach started yelling for food so I threw in one of those frostfood ready microwave lasagnes... ate it and popped in another one... afterall they are only 450 grams each.

Around 6ish in the evening I threw in another one and ate it I then started feeling sleepy prolly because of the well nutrinational meals I've had all day LOL
So I went downstairs and it took me like 5 min to fall a sleep, I then woke up at around 10pm... and now its 1 am and guess what I just threw in another lasagne... maybe thats why my piss smells so funny?


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