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Saturday, January 01, 2005

New years eve was off the hook

I'm telling new years eve 2004 was crazy it was simply of the hook.
We started out 6 friends at me at one of my friends apartments I cooked up a little something for everyone and after that was said and done we got fubar.
Really FUBAR im telling you.... in fact so much I got thrown out of the club we went to as I was almost puking inside... yikes!! haha ohh well fuck it I decided I wanted to try coke all of a sudden so I bought a gram with friend and snorted half of it... it was pretty crazy... I instantly went from feeling like shit after having puked outside the club to being on top of the world... hell I even ended up with some girls number hahaha!

So who ever said that coke was bad for you was lying!!
Well kinda anyways as I do feel like shit right now, but I'm thinking thats because of the booze and not the coke.


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