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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Why are we all whores for celebrities?

I often catch myself searching on google for various celebrities... especially with the last word being nude LOL and especially after I've seen one of them in at the movies. I simply can't help myself its like modern crack except it comes in the form of annoying humanbeings that needs to whore themselves to the max... but who am I to judge.

Anyhow found a few interesting links last nite when I was surfing, one of them being Katie Holmes nude this girl is everywhere these days it seems... especially after she started dating Tom Cruise (See him go apeshit here on Oprah... Fucking priceless) and now she converted to Scientology too? For her sake I hope it's all just one big marketing stunt to promote Batman Begins and Tom Cruise next blockbuster War of the Worlds... if not I kinda feel sad for both of them.

Well I continued by surf to find more nude celebrities and finally Gena Lee Nolin's Sex Tape let me tell you right now. That video is hilarious. Sure I'd like to bang the be-jesus out of Gena but the home video was shot just after she had her first boobjob done I think and her boyfriend at that time can simply not stop touching them so she is screaming in pain.

Of course once I found the sex tape of Gena I also found the sex tape of the british bomb shell Jordan aka Katie Price that blonde slut is hot I tell you. I love how she is toying herself while she get's fucked. Bravo Katie and bravo for letting someone steal and leach it on the net.

This is all for now folks.


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