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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Just ordered room service

I'm stuck at my hotel room in Barcelona right now as im waiting for my moving company to arrive on friday with all of my stuff. So in the meantime im stuck here with a lousy room service and a uber expensive internet connection... 22 fucking euros per nite - I mean WTF!! does it come with a escort hotline or some shit. guess not... anyhow since its august now it means that basically all of Spain or atleast Barcelona is on holiday so everything is closed which is a bummer and apparently this means room service is fucked too as I tried to order the other night I was told I couldn't.
But I just tried again 10 minutes ago and are now waiting for my entrecote steak to arrive. I hope its good.

1o minutes later...

Got my steak and what was a handfull of french fries along with it... can't believe I payed €2o for that shit. What a joke I feel robbed... I'm still starving guess I need to leave my room to get a real meal... DAMN €20 for one steak and it wasn't even good.

I'm gonna steal a couple of towles to make up for that LOL